Changelog for An1 Themes Premium v.2.2



Please back up your theme when you are done customizing your theme, as errors in your themes are not the responsibility of the developers. if you got errors, Please ReDownload an1 themes and upload for manual on member area For Manual Upload


NOTE: If you have directly made changes to the files, the update will overwrite these changes. So, we recommend that you DO NOT make changes in this way. Alternatively you can use plugins that allow adding CSS, however we do not guarantee that the 'classes' or 'id' will change in future updates.

Manual update

Before updating anything, make sure you have backups.
  1. Download the theme by logging into your account login and see my license key
  2. Unzip the 'an1' theme file.
  3. From your FTP account, replace all files within the 'an1' folder found in the 'wp-content' directory.

Whats is Changes

v.2.2 – 26/04/2023

  • adding new sources apk extractor
  • fixed small issues apk extractor

v.2.1 – 07/02/2023

  • fixed small issues apk extractor

v.2.0 – 22/12/2022

  • adding rate my post plugin to change rate system (please deactivate kk start rating)
  • fixed list apk post version (make it duplicate post to showing latest version)
  • adding automatic total count post on categorie menus
  • remove Wp Report Post plugins (please deactivate and delete)
  • adding edit list version on custom box post

v.1.9 – 22/11/2022

  • fixed small issues
  • improved speed themes

v.1.8 – 31/10/2022

  • fixed apk extractor. no make new post or duplicate post for same post
  • fixed apk extractor for php 7

v.1.7 – 20/10/2022

  • fixed languange from playstore. you can use languange agains for apk extractor
  • adding report post
  • fixed sources apkmod

v.1.6 – 06/10/2022

  • fixed small issues

v.1.5 – 28/09/2022

  • fixed small issues apk extractor
  • adding new apk extractor sources from apkmody

v.1.4 – 14/09/2022

  • adding Drag and Drop Download Link Box

v.1.3 – 31/08/2022

  • Fixed small issues apk extractor

v.1.2 – 03/08/2022

  • Adding RTL Modes

v.1.1 – 01/08/2022

  • Fixed small issues apk extractor

v.1.0 – 22/07/2022

  • Release First Release